Here is how the forgotten hungarian “corona heroes” fought

If there is anyone who found themselves under extreme responsibility and pressure during the coronavirus, it is – beside doctors and nurses – the people responsible for cleanliness and hygiene, especially those working in healthcare institutions, on public transport vehicles and stations. In the past months as the global trade system was collapsing, the acquisition of proper protective equipment and detergents was not an easy feat, and yet, this was one of the most crucial elements of ensuring satisfactory protection from the virus. Hungarian website asked B+N Referencia Zrt. Deputy CEO Csaba Szij about the most difficult moments as well as his expectations regarding the quality of cleaning, prices, wages and the general reputation of the cleaning profession.

“There is a veritable bidding war for antiseptic detergents” – sometimes we even have to pay 10 times as much as the normal price

The importance of facility management companies has reached unprecedented heights. Beside providing the uninterrupted maintenance of empty buildings even in the middle of the home office surge, they also ensure that employers and passengers are met with cleanliness in bigger office buildings, hospitals or even on public transport vehicles. All this in an environment where there is a veritable bidding war for antiseptic detergents and cleaning supplies are sometimes charged for 10 times as much as their normal price, wrote

They are working for us!

They have been standing their ground at their workplace for weeks, mitigating the negative effects of the coronavirus. Doctors, nurses, ambulance crew, patient care crew, cleaners, IT experts, couriers, drivers, truck drivers, teachers, social workers, pharmacists, shopping assistant, dustman: all making heroic efforts to carry out their work to the best of their knowledge. Our heroine, B+N Referencia Zrt. employee Mrs Piroska Bordás Antal was interviewed by Fanny magazine

There will always be a need for them! look around and see!

Cleaning and disinfection – for some, this is an everyday task and yet they are not duly appreciated. B+N Referencia Zrt. has launched its campaign titled Look around and see, wrote

Look around and see: cleaners are working for the sake of our health

Companies employing professional cleaners are struggling with labour shortage. The reason for this, among others, is the low social prestige and the general lack of appreciation. In order to make a difference, Hungary’s biggest facility management company, B+N Referencia Zrt. has launched a social sensitivity campaign. Look around and see!

Look around and see campaign has been launched

Look around and see! – A menial job that has become extremely important for everyone, says With its campaign “Look around and see”, Hungary’s biggest facility management company is trying to raise awareness of the value and importance of the cleaning profession as well as sets an example by appreciating its employees standing their ground in difficult times.

This is what it looks like when thousands of bed linens are waiting to be washed

We have all saluted the heroic efforts of health care workers, but for the safe working of a hospital there are other essential tasks to be carried out too, said on the increased importance of Referencia Mosodák Zrt. employees.

Our colleagues are appreciated: jános nagy has been awarded the energy advisor of the year prize

In the framework of the Virtual Power Plant Program our colleague János Nagy has won the Energy Advisor of the Year 2020 Prize. The program was patroned by Hungarian President Dr. János Áder and Special Commissioner of the Prime Minister Dr. Katalin Szili.

Tips: what to watch out for during the pandemic? advice from a b+n expert

We talked with hygiene expert Zsuzsa Nagy, head of the Hospital Cleaning Branch of B+N Referencia Zrt., about questions concerning viral diseases, personal and professional solutions.

Robot technology is already in control of the cleaning market

By the end of next year B+N can work with as many as 100 cleaning robots. This year the turnover of B+N Referencia Zrt. may increase by even 10-15%, Csaba Szij, Deputy CEO of the cleaning company generating a 23.27-bn forint revenue and a 2.74-bn forint profit last year, said to Világgazdaság.

Robin: b+n referencia zrt. has introduced its in-house developed cleaning robot

Following ICA, it will be ROBIN’s turn to dominate the market, and by a huge margin. B+N Referencia Zrt. is deploying 20 new in-house developed cleaning robots in several domestic public buildings as well as in Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, announced the Hungary’s leading facility management company during Wednesday’s press conference.

B+n zrt. has launched its in-service training programme

At B+N Zrt. it is our top priority to constantly develop the professional expertise and competences of our staff. We are quite aware that the human capital of our staff contributes to the value of our company and that is how we can continuously deliver our partners top quality service. We strive to make it possible for as many of our employees as possible to extend their knowledge regardless of the position that they currently hold. That is why we applied for the VEKOP-8.5.2-17 – In-house training support for corporate employees tender.

The hygiene level of the terminals of budapest ferenc liszt international airport has improved significantly

Passenger rating of Budapest Ferenc Liszt international Airport improved significantly in the first half of 2019, as revealed from an independent international passenger satisfaction survey (ASQ), in the framework of which passengers rated the most relevant airport services based on 36 different criteria, wrote

Hungary’s airgate is testing site for hungarian-developed cleaning robot

Airport Security Zrt. is testing our unique, in-house developed cleaning robot at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in an attempt to introduce higher quality automated cleaning regime.

“Facility management is not sexy enough” – how to make it so?

One of the greatest challenges of facility management is ensuring a steady labour supply. The cleaning profession is less and less alluring to the younger generation, therefore different programmes have been developed to address the issue.

Budapest airport: new cleaning company, improving services

For a couple of weeks the airport’s facility management has been working in close cooperation with B+N Referencia Zrt., the new owner of Airport Security Zrt., on the continuous improvement of the airport’s hygiene level.

Facility management company of the year – b+n referencia zrt.

B+N Referencia Zrt. was founded in 1993. By now, the once only cleaning company has become one of the biggest Facility Management providers of the Hungarian market, currently ranking 334th on the list of Hungary’s 500 biggest companies. Our range of services goes beyond classic facility management or cleaning and covers comprehensive document management services as well as textile management and the sales of work protection equipment.

Hungarian developed cleaning robot is already being tested

Airport Security Zrt. is testing our unique, in-house developed cleaning robot at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in an attempt to introduce higher quality automated cleaning regime.

The revolution of robots has begun – will it bring a sweeping change to the entire real estate market?

‘Are there areas of facility management where robots have already taken over? How will proptech affect operating costs? And how can the profession be popularized for the generations to come?’, asked István Rézsó, Head of Business Development, Cushman & Wakefield, at the FM+PM panel discussion of the Property Investment Forum 2018 conference.

We need a miracle to tackle this labour shortage!

‘Currently, one of the greatest challenges of facility management is labour shortage, something even technological development can’t solve in the short run’, according to speakers at the Portfolio FM & Office 2018 conference.

Even more office jobs can be eliminated than we anticipated

Similarly to other fields of the Hungarian economy, property management and facility management are also hit hard by labour shortage, the solution of which might be wage increase and technological development.